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Dr. Darnita Hill, DO

Darnita Anderson Hill, DO, was born into an osteopathic family, as one would say. She was born in the early 1960s in a small Georgia clinic where her mother birthed her with the assistance of one of the first black osteopathic physicians in the country. She is the daughter of Dr. William Anderson, the first African American president of the American Osteopathic Association, and by faith, Darnita got married to a DO. Her interest in becoming a doctor sparked from being inspired by her father.


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This book is a research text about Osteopathy history and the contribution of Blacks in osteopathic medicine. Here is the first preview of the book.

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Blacks in Osteopathic Medicine An Idea Whose Time Has Come

“Osteopathy is the law of mind, matter, and motion” – Andrew Taylor Still.

This groundbreaking anthology gives both a broad-based and detailed account of Blacks’ influence in osteopathic medicine development in America and medical science in general: this same group is now an integral part of osteopathy’s ongoing evolution. Dr. Darnita Hill explores the work of pioneering Black osteopathic physicians, bringing them into the limelight – manifesting their dedication and unwavering contribution to this tremendous medical science and osteopathic medicine’s growth as a profession if you are looking for a research text about Osteopathic medicine. This is the best read as it unfolds the discovery of Osteopathy by Andrew Taylor Still and highlights the contribution of Blacks in osteopathic medicine as they played an important role in osteopathy’s history.


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Blacks in Osteopathic Medicine An Idea Whose Time Has Come

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